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Officially released in 2013, this is a nu-style gabber and cross breed album by Shyft. This is the first solo release by Shyft since In Check and Throw Me a Happycore Record in 2010. This album is divided by two themes. One is presented by the five movements of Empty Patch of Waste Land, capturing the empty, cold atmosphere of the old waste land of the other side of Earth. The waste land of 'the burnt side' is a significant environment from Shyft's Shyfted Dreaming trilogy. The Empty Patch of Waste Land tracks begin as 150bpm dark core, and increase by 10bpm for every track and become more experimental. The even-numbered tracks are more melodic and follow a theme of philosophy and ideals, with important concepts presented in original vocal samples and lyrics. The album ends with an edit of Just An Other Means to an End so Pristine, the original being the last track on In Check. This track is revised with words bringing all of the elements of the even-numbered tracks together again.


released March 27, 2013

All vocals, programming, composition, arrangement, mixing, mastering, and visual art by Shyft Trakia-Vorga VahtiDahl



all rights reserved


Shyft Denver, Colorado

This is Shyft’s gabber/hardcore/breakcore/drill’n’bass project. Distorted heavy bass kicks, thick synths, and powerful melodies are the aim here- unless it’s chopped up progressive percussion. Influences come from many places, and not just the gabber or brain dance scene. It ranges from techno, trance and house genre classes to organic genre classes such as folk and metal. ... more

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Track Name: Arrogance
Pick your literal poison or otherwise and get addicted, because no thing says, 'Purpose,' like a wreckless, base desire.

"Arrogance," we both voice. "Denial of one's origin," says she. "Accepting one's self as a constant," says I. "Pretending that a weakness breeds individuality, and that individuality generates power." I do not even really know who is speaking any more. "Arrogance is glorifying self destruction. Arrogance is forgetting lessons learned. Arrogance is pretending that opinion is fact. Arrogance is pretending that fact exists. Arrogance... is the enemy."

"Arrogance is what makes us feel the need to waste our minds on things like regret," August backs me up. "We are arrogant when we treat our burdens like things greater than us, or when we allow our selves to believe that our sorrow is important. It tells us that we are misunderstood by equals."
Track Name: Knowledge
I know I know not

Making mistakes is a great way to learn, but some mistakes cost more than one can afford. Experience is a proven road to evidence, but some times speculation paints a clearer picture.

What we think we can not know; what we feel we know we can not explain. All that we know through action is that we can know no thing for sure, so it is the eternal search for knowledge that makes us great.
Track Name: Empty Patch of Waste Land III
Waste my mind, waste land you are dread
Waste my life, you toy with my head
Undermine my taste for nostalgia
Let me forget your name, Zotohla

Empty is the space filling my mind
Wanderlust triggers me this time
If where you go is where you came from
Is the journey a waste in sum
Track Name: Romanticism
Spirituality is aesthetic as physical beauty is aesthetic. Both are romantic modifiers, not fundamental aspects of being, and both are inferior to love.

find beauty in all things. Compassion frees our wings.
Track Name: Honor
Making mistakes is a great way to learn, but some mistakes cost more than one can afford. Experience is a proven road to evidence, but some times speculation paints a clearer picture.

Romanticism is action. Knowledge is observation. Balance is direction. Honor is foundation. Arbitrary codes of morality and prolonged sacrifice of basic values belong to the realm of romanticism; honor is truth.
Track Name: Just an Other Means to an End so Pristine 2013
Arrogance is the enemy; balance is the goal; knowledge is the drive; honor is the method; romanticism is the attitude, and all this is just an other means to an end so pristine.